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New equipment for the walk

New equipment for the walk

At last, I don’t have say “next year” every time someone asks when I start walking the Great Wall. The past 10 days I have visited my host parents in Gloucester, MA. It’s been ten years since last time and I promised myself to do this trip before going to China. I bought a lot of equipment for the trip there. Two sleeping bags, hydration bag, backpack, jacket, camera – you name it!

As the departure date closes in, prioritising my time is getting harder. Would I be better off studying more Mandarin, and exercising less? Spending less time working on sponsorship deals, and more time on thoroughly testing all the equipment? Or perhaps studying the Ming Dynasty Great Wall in detail, instead of trying to get a book deal together? For sure, my girlfriend and I will continue seeing each other a lot. Some things will remain at the top of the list for as long I am in Norway!

Before departure I want to address the potential show stoppers of getting to China, and surviving the first month or two without major injuries.  That means applying for a VISA shortly, and exercising my body harder and harder. My Mandarin knowledge is severely limited, but I know I’ll pick up things along the Great Wall. My knowledge of the Great Wall is not expert, but I have been there before, and still have time to study my route in detail.

Those of you that have been on this site before may have noticed I have removed some without content. They will be published as soon as I have written content on them. There still remains some work on the website, as I have a high ambition of describing my experiences as well as possible through words, pictures, maps etc.

Thanks to Sib and Judy for being my host parents once again after all those years! See you again after the walk.

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  • Bryan

    Hey Robert, I know you must be getting excited. I am excited for you! I hope you can get your visa smoothly. It seems to me that it’s easier now than it ever has been before to get a tourist visa to the PRC.

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