Monthly Archives: March 2009

Takeoff tomorrow 8

A dream, that became a plan, is now about to become reality. Tomorrow afternoon, I take a flight to Beijing via London. The last days have been nothing less than crazy and I can feel that I’m pretty drained physically and mentally. Putting half a year of preparations into a […]

Status 2 weeks left 3

      I received a large box from Vertikal who are sponsoring sports equipment and have been testing their equipment. Lightweight is the keyword, and under that category, amongst others: tent, boots, sleeping mattress, fuel stove and kettle.As with the previous two long hauls, I wish to do the […]

Got a ticket in my hand

Departure 31st of March!Suddenly walking the Great Wall has gone from being a dream to a reality in a matter of weeks. I’m very excited, but at the same time it is going to be sad to leave those close to me for so long.Already looking forward to meeting my […]

Status 4 weeks left

      In the last two weeks, a lot of things have come together.I have visited Lenovo and Nordialog and received sponsored equipment for the trip. Many thanks! Early next week I hope to receive a large shipment with sports gear from Vertikal that I can start testing. I […]