Invitation to sleep over at a shop 1

Don't expect to spend the evening alone if you are invited to spend the night inside the home of a local.

We are both lying on the bed (Kang in Chinese) of a shop owner now. He kindly invited us to spend the night here. It’s quite late and the light was switched off by our host a while ago. In the room next to us they are having fun and playing a drinking game where two people say a number between one and five in quick sequence to beat each other (one beats two, two beats three etc. and five beats one I think).

Outside the pretty strong wind, that halted our walking after 23 km, has lessened. I just went outside and the night is clearer and brighter than I have ever seen it in China. No moon yet.

We have made good progress today, and are both enjoying the shoes our parents sent us. No new blisters which is good news.

We found short stretches of the Great Wall today and took pictures and noted the positions.

Well – time to go to sleep. We are both pretty tired after the walk… 🙂

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