Off again tomorrow 1

Just a quick note to say Jon and I have been in Zhangye today too. Tomorrow we head off to continue walking the Great Wall. The plan is to go to Wuwei to deposit a small rucksack, which we will not be carrying, to an hotel there, and then go back to Yong Chang to restart the walking at our last finishing point.

Today we have eaten well several times. I have finally got the workflow sorted out for organising the pictures I’m taking. I take backups on a small hard disc and just hope it will survive the trip. I plan to buy another hard disc in Wuwei and make a safety copy that Jon will take back to the UK. Another option is an online backup, but it would probably take many days to upload all the pictures.

It has been really good to spend some days in Zhangye, which is a very nice place. Tonight Jon and I met Kate and Daniel who work for the Peace Corps here in Zhangye. They have been English teachers for two and three years. They are the first Westerners we have spoken to since we left Jiayuguan. It was fun to talk about travelling, China and the town. We were sitting in the park in town and above us were two fantastic home made kites that must have been a hundred metres long. They looked like this kite.

One thought on “Off again tomorrow

  • Marit S

    Hei Robert! Det var veldig trivelig å høre stemmen din da du ringte. Morsomt å følge deg på nettet. Bildene du tar, er så fine! Foten din så ut til å trenge noen dager fri. Grønnsåpebad hadde vært bra, da det renser og bidrar til å forhindre infeksjon.
    Ønsker deg og bror din god tur videre.
    Hilsen Marit.

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