Very wet weather

It rained very heavily several times during the night. When we woke up, the ‘earth’ had turned to mud in many places and since The Wall in this area goes in agriculturally developed places, we decided to skip walking today. We only have ordinary running shoes and didn’t want to spend the day skidding around like a ‘mud ballet’.

We got the bus to Wuwei and have spent most of the day here. More to come…   🙂

Brother Jon

It rained overnight. Phew, good job we were not in our tents. My skin does not need a mud bath at this point. Some say that last year it only rained 2-3 times. Unexpectedly, over the last month it must have rained about 4 or 5 times, not only a few drops, but root drenching. Rain is good for farmers, but not necessarily for walkers. The (loess) earth does not drain water very well, leaving it quite slippery.

To help out our host financially we left 400 RMB under a pillow before leaving. Hope she goes to a doctor with her shoulder. Would be nice to see her reactions!

The wife of the local shop keeper drove us in turn on her motor bike to the nearest road with bus communication to WuWei.

Bye-bye to XiGou for now. Thank you for your hospitality and good nature.