Goodbye Gansu Province, hello Ningxia Province! 2

I got up and started packing the tent at half past seven. As I was packing I saw something large moving in the distance. It was a herd of camels slowly moving towards me. I thought it was a wild herd and hid behind a sand dune and got out the camera. Then I heard someone riding a motorbike close by.  It turned out to be the shepherd of the camels. 40 adults and 20 baby camels. It was a nice start to the day.

I started walking after talking a little to the shepherd and walked for two hours at a fairly high pace. It was cool and the sun hid behind the clouds for the most part. After about 12 kilometres I got to a trucker station by the road and thought to try my luck for a meal and then sleep.

Inside, there were a few truckers. I ordered a meal and told them about what I was doing. When we started looking at the province map of Gansu it turned out I am only a few kilometres from Ningxia. That feels great! The Ming Dynasty Great Wall goes through six provinces and I will be finished with the first today!

The truck drivers seemed to like what I was doing and that I was doing it for cancer research. Before they left, they said they had paid for my food and stay here, as a gift. I was surprised and very grateful for that.

This is written at the trucker place. Will get up soon, have a quick wash before eating some more and then move on until it gets dark.

Written in the tent: Well wouldn’t you know. The nice guy that stopped his car last night and gave me fruit, was the owner of the place I stayed today! He was dressed like he was going to a party with an orange short sleeved shirt that was open, a black tie and some dark, small and round John Lennon glasses. He was full of beans and lit off fireworks when I left the place. Always fun with original people and it was fun to meet him again.

I walked another 15 kilometres after the break. It started blowing fairly hard and there were a few drops of rain now and again. It has cleared up now. 26 kilometres today and 22 yesterday. Taking a break and sleeping during the hottest hours today has worked a treat. Will try the same tomorrow if things fall into place.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Gansu Province, hello Ningxia Province!

  • Trude

    Excited to read about your daily adventures! Now some news from the Western world: Micheal Jackson is dead! It came as a shock at our workplace today.. a lot of us had an illusion that this would never happen, though knowing he is a human being like the rest of us.. Im going to Arendal now, wrote you about it. Wishing some more clouds will come in your way, to give you some ease of all the heat! Have a surprise for you!

  • Sue

    Good to know that Chinese people are treating you very well, i suppose that’s just a beginning, there are 5 provinces left, full of hospitalbe Chinese.

    I decided to go back to Chinese in August last week, do you think there will be a possiblity that we could meet in somewhere on your way?

    Best wishes for you, my friend.

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