Off again tomorrow

The stay in Jingtai has been a little longer than planned, but I’m happy I have taken the time to enjoy life a bit. In the post below, you can see some pictures from the Yellow River. The most important thing I have done in Jingtai, apart from resting and eating enough, is arranging the delivery of a parcel from Norway. Many thanks to my parents for getting all the things together, and many thanks to Andreas for bringing them to China!!

The weather forecast for the next few days looks favourable. Mostly cloudy and some showers now and again to keep me cool. Great    🙂

Just to clarify things: The next few days I will be walking along a road to get to Zhongwei and this is the reason: the eastern side of the Yellow River is full of very mountainous terrain and there are few places to get water. No-one has walked this stretch before and I am in no hurry to break a record (or perhaps a leg) doing this stretch. Therefore, I will do what others walking the Great Wall have done before, and follow the road.

Unfortunately I can’t get Google maps, mail or Google Earth to work now, so therefore I can’t make a fancy graphical chart showing you what I wrote above.