Ready for a desert stroll 1

Today I have bought water, Ice Tea, dried meat and fruit, nuts and so on, in preparation for the next 4-5 day stretch. The weather forecast is looking good with temperatures not going over 33 degrees C in the shade (91 F). That may not sound too hot, but remember there will be no shade where I am walking.

I have also made ten new pictures and loaded them up to the picture gallery together with comments. If I get time tomorrow morning, I will make posts on the Chinese site that a friend has been translating!

Pretty excited about this stretch. From the looks of it I’ll be on my own and I cannot bring enough water for five days in the desert. I have marked possible exit routes and points on the GPS in case things go to pot. But with a bit of luck, I will meet a farmer or shepherd here and there that might be kind enough to give me some water.

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