My sleeping bag smells bad… 3

I am lying in the tent now. It is the coolest evening since I was walking with my brother a few months ago and I’m really enjoying it! It’s still light outside, but the sun has set.

As I rolled out the three season Western Mountaineering sleeping bag earlier, I finally managed to pin down how to describe the smell it emits after having housed my sweaty body since April. And it is a very accurate description:

Take a dog and lay it on it’s side or back. Take hold of one of it’s paws. Take a deep breath and exhale all the way. Then put the paw about a centimetre under your nose. Breath steadily in through your nose until you get the point… The good news is after a minute, you get used to it.

The Great Wall has been fantastic today! It has been between 7 and up to 10 metres high. Their is no mistaking it’s path. Every two hundred metres there is a large beacon tower. I was ready to take some good shots, but there are factories and power lines here. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow.

Have a good evening, and if you tested what my sleeping bag smells like, give the dog a hug from me.

17 kilometres today.

3 thoughts on “My sleeping bag smells bad…

  • Trude

    Both Oda and Olivia are very dedicated in their personal cleaning routines, but I would have tried the breathing test if they where here!:-)

  • Frank Fotland

    Why don’t you take the night train to Xining from Yinchuan. You leave in the evening and you will be here in the morning. Take a rest for a day and take the night train back again on a soft sleeper. If there are any questions about the Chinese webbsite we could talk about it. Just a suggestion, and it would be nice to see you too Robert.

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