Norwegian summer

The sun is setting behind the Great Wall right now. It is completely silent here except for the shepherd calling his sheep every now and then, and the sheep calling back. Since I started walking today I have only seen two people. Both shepherds. Don’t think they have seen me as I have walked on the Northern side of the Great Wall. Where the enemies belong!

I got off to a late start. The walking has been great! In fact it reminded me of walking in Norway during the summer. Not that I’m biased or anything… I suppose we all love what is closest to our hearts the most.

Because of all the good vibes today, I also got into the spirit of taking a lot of pictures. Many of them with me in the foreground. I even took some snaps as I set up the tent.

From experience, I know that it is the small, so called insignificant, things on expeditions like this that are photographed the least and missed the most. Going to eat some food now. The evening air is cool and clear.