Monthly Archives: October 2009

Day trip 2

This morning I noticed that my rucksack is starting to show signs of the last half year’s use. It is a lightweight rucksack and although it has a capacity of about 70 litres, it weighs only 1.4 kilos. The hip belt has loosened a bit on one side, and a […]

R & R and the Chinese website 5

During the last months, Xiaoli Fotland has been translating this English website to Chinese. She has done a tremendous job and the quality of her work has been very high. Not that I would really know, but several Chinese people I have met have said so. Xiaoli has been very […]

TV Interview in Yulin

I have made friends with a young Chinese woman called Helen and her husband Daniel. Helen works at a school in Yulin and speaks very good English. Daniel is a lawyer. They were both very helpful today and Helen was the translator both under the TV interview, and afterwards to translate the things […]

To Yulin

Today I got to the main road that leads to Yulin from Jingbian after some hours walking. The night was damp again, but not so cold. I spent it on a desert dune all alone    🙂 After walking for a little while, I got to a fairly deep valley and […]

Misty morning

I’m using my third and last mobile battery now, so short report. Woke up after a very cold night, then realized that everything was wet. Outside there was a fine mist and there was just as much on and in the tent. Because the ground was not flat, I had […]

A funny couple 5

It was cold and humid last night, so I didn’t sleep much. Have put on more clothes tonight. I got off to a slightly late start and walked eastwards along a ridge. To the left I saw the valley and river I needed to cross. There was drizzle in the […]


I didn’t write a report yesterday because a thunder storm came uncomfortably close to my tent camp. I have heard of several people being hit by lightning while using their mobile phone in a thunder storm. I don’t know if mobile phones actually attract lightning, but I didn’t feel happy […]

Tough day

Well – I’m afraid to say that the rucksack hasn’t felt much lighter today. I’m happy with the distance I’ve walked but am low on water, so need to find a place to get more tomorrow morning. A nice man pointed me in the direction of a shop towards the […]

Alone in the desert 3

Today I saw three farmers and one shepherd in the distance, but spoke to none of them. Whilst walking the Great Wall, I noticed for the first time that this is taking its toll. Not physically, but mentally. Don’t know if it’s the extra heavy rucksack, or the fact that […]