Monthly Archives: November 2009

Misty day 4

The mist has set it’s mark on today. After walking a road for a few kilometres, I headed eastward along the Great Wall. The visibility was bad – at times less than a hundred metres. I followed a large dirt road at first. It followed the track of the Great […]

Snow on the Great Wall 3

Started walking at about eleven o’clock. Had a solid breakfast in my stomach and 3 litres boiling hot water in my rucksack. Also half a litre of Bing Hong Cha – or Ice tea. Due to the cold (Cough cough cold. Not Brrrr brrrr) I was breathing through my mouth […]

Laptop – Lenovo Thinkpad X200 6

Many thanks to Lenovo Technology Norway for sponsoring a laptop for this project. Many thanks to colleague Christian Haug at DnB NOR for putting me in contact with Lenovo. In 2004 IBM sold it’s PC division to Chinese Lenovo. I am very happy to be using a Chinese laptop while […]

Enjoying life in Hong Kong 4

I woke up two days ago thinking: The problem of getting a visa for only one month (plus possibly two more) is a lot less than walking about 2.500 kilometres alone along the Great Wall during the winter. So I’ll just figure it out somehow, and keep on walking. While […]

Disappointed… 4

Have been to the visa office in Hong Kong now. They could ‘only’ offer me a one month visa with the possibility to extend it twice by a total of two months. I was hoping for a lot more. Now there is a small, but vital, administrative task I must […]

Heaviest snow fall on record 3

Andreas went to Yinchuan yesterday to examine several Great Walls there. It was pretty cold today he said. And it is cold here too. I left Yulin for Datong today. Datong is where I have stored a very warm sleeping bag, extra sleeping mattress and warm down coat. I spent […]