Monthly Archives: December 2009

Happy New Year! 8

I wish you a great celebration tonight, and all the best for the New Year! Thank you for following me along the Great Wall of China on this site. There is a celebration here of sorts too. This is my last night in Shaanxi. Tomorrow I will hopefully cross the […]

My Christmas effects 4

Here are the two Christmas effects I have had this Christmas. An icon that a Swedish priest called Leif gave me when I was in Hong Kong to renew my visa. Thanks very much Leif!! It has meant a lot to have this icon during the celebration.       In addition […]

Christmas dinner 1

A few days ago, I met two foreign girls at breakfast. It turned out that they came from Norway which was a great surprise! They are studying one year in New Zealand, and decided to tour India and China  in their summer holiday. We went together to the Yungang Grottoes […]

Visa extension 3

I went to the Visa office in Datong today. I met the same lady who gave me an extension last time, and she agreed to give me another month. I pick up the passport on Monday. I have spent time making the Chinese website better and it now has new […]

Mobile phone – htc s740

Many thanks to Nordialog for sponsoring this small but great mobile phone. When walking the Great Wall, I do not carry the laptop. I carry the htc S740 which gives me all the functionality I need, apart from editing pictures. The htc S740 is sturdy and has a steel frame […]

Thanks Kelly!

On the way back from the Visa visit in Hong Kong, I spent an evening with Kelly in Beijing. He and my brother studied Chinese together in Beijing, and the last half year we have gotten to know each other. He gave me an inspirational speech, and without going into […]

In Datong 1

From the place I got to yesterday, I stood by the road for a while trying to flag down a car. After about half an hour a van, that had already passed me, turned around to pick me up. They were farmers and we had a nice talk while heading […]