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A few days ago, I met two foreign girls at breakfast. It turned out that they came from Norway which was a great surprise! They are studying one year in New Zealand, and decided to tour India and China  in their summer holiday.

We went together to the Yungang Grottoes close to Datong and got to see the more than 50 000 sculptures carved into the walls and grottoes. It was a wonderful sight! (Really great!)

Later in the evening we went to a very good  restaurant in Datong.  I told the girls that the meal was on me as this was basically going to serve as my Christmas dinner for 2009. We had a tasty meal with amongst other things Peking Duck and a fantastic dish with steamed broccoli with lots of garlic. Incredibly tasty!! We had plenty of wine too, and shared happy and not so happy experiences from New Zealand, China, India, along the Great Wall and other places on the globe

Thank you very much for the company, Ane and Mariell !! I’ll remember the evening for a long time   🙂   🙂   🙂     Speaking in Norwegian and listening to you talking in my dialect and the more exotic ‘Bergensk’ was such a treat! I wish you good luck in Taiyuan and the rest of your journey.  And good luck with making the ‘Julegrøt’ too!

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  • Sue

    hej min ven,

    you should have taken the picture before you ate. anyway, a great episode along your journey.

    what was the “not so happy experiences” from China?


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