Happy New Year! 8

I wish you a great celebration tonight, and all the best for the New Year! Thank you for following me along the Great Wall of China on this site.

There is a celebration here of sorts too. This is my last night in Shaanxi. Tomorrow I will hopefully cross the Yellow River for the second and last time on this walk. The Yellow River marks the border to Shanxi which is the fourth Province the Great Wall passes through. The two provinces really have the same letters in their Pinyin versions, but as a practical adaption, an extra ‘a’ has been added to Shaanxi to mark that it’s first character is pronounced with the third tone.

I am also celebrating because from what I hear January is usually a bit warmer than February. That’s worth a celebration in it’s own right!

A beautiful clear bright new moon rose from behind the Great Wall as I started my descent to the valley I am in now. After sunset, I walked in to a village where I was told they had simple accommodation, thanks to the local council in the town that helped track down the missing owner of the place. They also told me they will celebrate the Chinese New Year in February, but people don’t celebrate the calendar New Year here.

Now I’m snuggled up in my sleeping bag. Although there is heating in the room, it was close to freezing here. During the evening it got warmer though. I am going to celebrate New Year by eating a Snickers Bar, drinking an Akevit that John M kindly gave me last time we met and listening to ‘Happy New Year’ by ABBA on the mp3 player!


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