My Christmas effects 4

Here are the two Christmas effects I have had this Christmas. An icon that a Swedish priest called Leif gave me when I was in Hong Kong to renew my visa. Thanks very much Leif!! It has meant a lot to have this icon during the celebration.

In addition I have had fun using John’s Emergency Christmas Tree Kit which did wonders, and got me in to the Christmas spirit. Thanks John!

4 thoughts on “My Christmas effects

  • tracyxie

    wish you everything goes well and a more healthier body in the new year coming!
    there would be more and more friends to support you in your great, come on!!

  • Sue

    hej Robert,
    here is one more message from Sina Blog,

    ???2009-12-29 22:00:08
    cold snap will coming soon,take care for.
    there have Yungang rock cave , xuan kong temple nearby the Datong,you could see the photos in my blog
    And there has YanMen col (a famous great-wall col) distance the datong about 80km,if you have free time,could visit what I said above sites.

    here is the link for the pics:

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