Monthly Archives: December 2009

Painful right leg 2

When I started walking today I noticed both the blister from yesterday and a painful muscle on the front of my right lower leg. Yesterday I reminded myself to take an anti inflammatory tablet, but had such a good time with my new 75 year old friend that I forgot. […]

Great day along the wall 2

Quick report = cold in the tent. Cloudy weather, but good visibility unlike when I set up the tent yesterday evening. In the first valley I found a small restaurant and ordered a big noodle dish, another for the road and two servings of delicious salt peanuts. Bought 2.5 litres […]

Cold wind and snow 2

A short report today. Cloudy and windy day with low visibility meaning it was at times hard to see the route of the Great wall. It got more and more cloudy as the day went on. I was hoping to get to a road to look for a place to […]

Christmas cards

I’ve been asked by a few friends where they can send Christmas cards. A couple of letters sent to me previously have been lost. This is frustrating both for me and the sender. Therefore it is best to send them to my parents. Their address is Havnabakken 26, 0874 Oslo, […]


I planned to walk on today, but after yesterday’s festivitas, I took some time for recouperation and drinking a lot of Ice Tea… Later on I bought chocolate biscuits and sweets for the next leg, filled up the cell phone with more money, bought a memory card and did other […]

Cold and windy as I pass Shenmu 6

The wind was really strong today. I got plenty of sand in my eyes today, even though I used my sunglasses to protect them.  Not very comfortable while wearing contact lenses. There were lots of beacon towers along the route, but the actual Great Wall was harder to find. In the […]