Staying overnight with a 75 year old farmer 2

All water and food froze to ice overnight. I decided not to spend time warming it up and instead set off quite early (for me)

Had to make a lot of detours to follow the Great Wall. Some of them pretty steep and narrow. For the first time on the entire trip I slid and fell on some snow and ice. Luckily on the ‘right’ spot where it wasn’t too steep.

I saw some Chinese characters written into the Great Wall for the first time.

After 23 kilometres I was tired. I asked an elderly guy if there were any villages nearby where I could spend the night. He said no, but I could spend the night at his place which I was very happy about. So now we are curled up on his Kang with all lights off apart from the one from the TV. He is a cheerful man, and laughs every time I say something he can’t understand and vice versa.

I feel so lucky that he let me stay as I can now get the sleeping bag dried out and have a good nights sleep. No mobile phone coverage here, so will post this tomorrow.

This cat thought it was alone when it was about to eat the remains of our breakfast…

23 kilometres today

2 thoughts on “Staying overnight with a 75 year old farmer

  • Mark Scholinz

    Hey Robert. Great to see that you have been doing so well. I really feel for you though… I know how cold it can be out there :). Keep up the great work on the website… you’re doing a fantastic job. Stay fit and healthy mate. Remember… one foot after the next and eventually you’ll get there.

  • Robert

    Dear Mark,

    Many thanks for the comment. One foot after the next – I’ll remember that one for next. Things are pretty rough and cold now, but good times in between 🙂

    Wishing you a merry Christmas – Robert

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