Visa extension 3

I went to the Visa office in Datong today. I met the same lady who gave me an extension last time, and she agreed to give me another month. I pick up the passport on Monday.

I have spent time making the Chinese website better and it now has new pictures on the front page every day. The Great Wall Route map has been fixed so that it is updated every day when I am out walking.

I hate talking about the weather, and in fact every time I write the word, I should also write the word Great.   Why?    “Weather” has passed “Great” on the Google Webmasters statistics for this site. That means Google thinks my website has more to do with Weather than the GREAT Wall. That’s just great…

Anyway – If you look at the two graphs below, you can see what kind of W I can expect the next two weeks. Not good news. My limit for sleeping in the tent is minus 20 C (-4F) Half of the days the next two weeks go below this limit. I will just wait and see how it develops. Often the W forecast changes quite quickly, and hopefully it will change for the better.


3 thoughts on “Visa extension

  • Tor Loken

    Your report about the temperatures gives me the shudders. We have had temperatures of about minus 10 degrees in Oslo during the last few days, and inside we have a cosy +21 degrees .
    To sleep in minus 15 degrees must be difficult. What about sensitive electronic equipment and water: Do you bring it inside the sleeping bag to keep it OK during the night?

    I really hope for two things for you for the next weeks:
    – that the terrain will become less hilly and steep
    – that the temperatures ease off

    Last, but not least: Your pictures are extremely good:
    – Composition and motives are select, lovely and varied
    – Light and sharpness add an extra dimension to them
    We seem to get to know the charming people in the pictures!

    Pappa Loken

  • Kim

    Congratulation on the extension. I remember sleeping outside in minus 15 degrees but that was only for five days. I hope you can stay warm!

  • andarchen

    I am optimistic for your next visa extension , according your walking progress and weather condition , you still have chance back to Datong to meet that lady for next extension .

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