Monthly Archives: January 2010

Yummy big dumplings 1

It was so cold and windy this morning that it took me time to get out of the sleeping bag. Didn’t start walking til after eleven. After a couple of hours I got to a small village and knocked on a door to ask where the small shop in town […]

Back walking again 2

Friday 29th. Written 30th because it was too cold yesterday. Took three buses to get back to where I last stopped walking. Walking the Great Wall of China was fantastic. I probably saw more stone clad Great Wall this afternoon than in total so far. This is exciting as it […]

Excellent!!! 1

Minus 19C tonight at the place I will start walking tomorrow. Minus 15C or warmer from tomorrow and onwards. That’s good news! I just hope the mended knee will manage OK, and am looking forward to a good stretch walking the Great Wall. To Norwegian readers: There will be an […]

Short report 1

Things have been slow here lately. I have had a cold that was particularly bad in the mornings. The prospect of waking up in the tent in minus 15-20C with thisĀ  cold was not very compelling. I feel better now though, so I plan to leave shortly. Lately I have […]

Walking sticks – Enduro Black Diamond 1

I had no experience with using walking sticks before this walk. They felt strange to use in the beginning, but now it feels strange walking without them. The Black Diamond walking sticks come in three sections. They can be collapsed using two flick lock mechanisms on each stick. Practical when […]

Camera – Panasonic DMC-LX3 1

This post is for those especially interested in cameras. I love photography and therefore it is hard to keep it short when I describe the camera I use while walking the Great Wall. I don’t carry an SLR while walking the Great Wall as it would be too heavy. I […]

Google PageRank 3

This post is dedicated to the geeks among you. This web site just made Google Page Rank 4 which I am very happy about. Probably that is as far as it will go – that is unless I fall off a cliff or something and make headlines around the world. […]