Monthly Archives: February 2010

Article in Vi Menn

This week my walk along the Great Wall is featured over four pages in the Norwegian magazine: Vi Menn. They also wrote an article after I kayaked the length of Norway back in 2005. The magazine will be on sale until Tuesday next week.

Visit from Norway 1

Welcome to new readers of this blog. I write here every day when I am out walking. A new picture is also posted every day. By clicking on the link to the left marked Great Wall Route, you can see exactly how far I have come. If you click on […]

Happy Chinese New Year!!! 4

The fireworks have been going off since I arrived in Beijing 5-6 hours ago. They are getting more and more intense. This is a big contrast to the 31st of December in the small village called Mazhen just west of the Yellow River. That evening I didn’t hear a single […]

Birthday boy in China 15

It’s my birthday today. I was planning on celebrating it by walking the Great Wall. But because of a bad forecast some days ago that since has changed for the better, I will be celebrating in Datong. Will go out and have a good meal, and do some Skyping in […]

What a night… 6

I knew I was in for a cold one. There was no wind, so within a few hours, there was a lot of humidity hanging from the inner tent in the form of ice. I had a 1.5 litre bottle of apple juice as a cold companion in the sleeping […]

Yet another warm Kang 2

I am sitting on a warm Kang now. Can’t get over how comfortable they are. I almost feel like a cat sitting in the sun. I am at a very small guesthouse waiting for a meal that they are preparing. It was windy today. I had no water left, so […]