Monthly Archives: March 2010

Interviews and visa 5

Currently in Datong, and have spent a lot of time trying to find the best way to get a suitable visa for the remainder of the time in China. There have also been a couple of interviews with Chinese media which is fun. Now that I have been at this […]

Birthday party 2

I opted for a late start today and had rice and a Gong Bao Ji Ding at a restaurant. As I was eating, a group of about eight excited young girls assembled at the table next to me. More kept arriving trying to get space around the cramped table. I […]

Walking in a straight line 2

Although there are occasional steep valleys, the Great Wall has followed an almost perfect straight line today. The 29 km I walked today are the equivalent of 24 km in a straight line. Zhang Tao and Han Jie offered me a solid breakfast this morning. A good start to the […]

Milk farm

It was very windy today. I stayed on the northern and then eastern side of the Great Wall to get as much protection as possible. But whenever a section of The Wall was missing, or I came to a dry riverbed, the wind made it difficult to walk in a […]

Church ruin by the Great Wall 2

I have brought a large tripod along on this stretch. It is so easy to snap pictures of everything around me, but forget to take pictures of myself in the landscape. This is however time consuming and requires a great deal of patience – particularly if you are exposed to […]

Longer days

Last night, I checked how windy it was going to be today. Very windy in the morning, but then less into the evening. Therefore I postponed the early departure and had a solid breakfast instead. I had mixed emotions returning to the Great Wall after the episode that made the […]

Finally feeling ok 7

Woke up this morning noticing that my body wasn’t drenched with sweat. So I don’t feel great, but just not feeling really ill is good at this point. Will try and start eating more to build up strength. Went for a little walk earlier today, and was light headed by […]