Walking in a straight line 2

Although there are occasional steep valleys, the Great Wall has followed an almost perfect straight line today. The 29 km I walked today are the equivalent of 24 km in a straight line.

Zhang Tao and Han Jie offered me a solid breakfast this morning. A good start to the day. They also sent some canned cold coffee and apples and oranges with me. Thank you very much guys!

At one place I was guided out and around an intricate maze of steep valleys by a shepherd on the other side. I had started walking downwards, but he understood I was walking the Great Wall and helped out.

Later, I took a rest hiding behind some pine needle trees to get out of the wind. For the first time this year, I could lie down and rest without getting cold. That’s a milestone.

I stopped at a large road and asked for a guesthouse. Am currently in Feng Zhen Shi in Inner Mongolia. Have washed clothes, and eaten a good warm meal.

The last couple of days the wind has been so strong that my hands are completely dry and lips feel like an old pergament. Will have to get them softened up before my girlfriend comes to visit!

29 kilometres today

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  • Trude S

    he he ikke sant! Jeg tar med body shop favoritten din:-) Wow du har jo virkelig gått langt idag! Nydelig at det er blitt varmere.. varme hilsner til indre Mongolia fra meg:-) PS Vært på første joggetur etter operasjonen idag!

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