Windy day on the Great Wall 2

I woke up last night, and there was no wind or sound at all. Whilst trying to get back to sleep, I heard a faint and somewhat strange noise. I moved my head, and the sound disappeared. That is when I understood it was the sound of the slow leak of air from the inflatable sleeping mattress.

Managed to cover a fair distance today. It has been hilly, but the Great Wall is in good shape here, so I spent a long time walking on top of it, and not beside it.

Close to the end of the day there was a long and steep descent. I ended up camping by a beautiful watchtower that has been restored. Behind it, there is a small fortified area, and a large archway to the valley to the south.

20 kilometres today

2 thoughts on “Windy day on the Great Wall

  • Trude S

    Hei! Så deilig at lite vind nå, og flott sikkert å gå på muren.. håper du får et strekk med fine opplevelser og turer de neste dagene:-) Her er visning nr to i morgen, spennende!

  • Brother Jon

    Remember to take pictures of the wall!

    I still from the last time we walked near Datong the good state of the wall…

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