Monthly Archives: May 2010

Down from the mountains 5

I slept very well last night. Lots of fresh air. Started walking at about eight o’clock in the morning. It felt strange to get down to flat terrain again. After walking 13 kilometres, the clouds got darker and darker, and it started raining. I decided enough was enough for this […]

Beautiful terrain 1

After eating leftovers from dinner yesterday, I got back to the Great Wall by foot and paying a guy on a motorbike 10 RMB. Today’s walk was enjoyable with a great view the whole time. Not so difficult as the Great Wall usually follows the high ridges of the terrain. […]

Full day on the Great Wall

Thanks John for the weather forecast for today, and sister Tone for tomorrow. John – you were right. Mostly cloudy today, and mostly dark tonight. Great landscape to walk in today. I passed a lot of cows along The Wall. On the enemy side of The Wall, there was an […]

26.5 and 27.5 – Stuck in the tent

Started walking about nine o’clock. I had five and a half litres of Ice Tea, 8 eggs and some buns in addition to peanuts and some biscuits from Zhangjiakou. I started at an empty water reservoir. They were repairing the dam which I walked over to get to the starting […]

Have mobile phone coverage again

Sorry for not writing for a few days. I was pinned down by an almighty thunderstorm for two days, and didn’t have coverage yesterday. Have come to a fantastic small village with lots of funny people and eaten a large dinner. Going to wash clothes now, and then write some […]

Pit stop 2

This has been yet another hard and warm day. Started before eight to get up the mountain in front of me before it got too hot. I planned for a detour at the end of the day to get straightened out a bit. I had less than half a litre […]

Strong wind

Monday the 24th (couldn’t access internet yesterday) The wind was so strong today that I detoured from The Wall for 3 short sections. The wind blew me off balance several times, so I didn’t want to take any chances where a mishap could have serious consequences. The Wall continues to […]

Thunder and lightning 1

23rd of May (didn’t have internet connection yesterday) Started at about 3 o’clock today and had to climb a pretty steep section to get out of Zhangjiakou. Hot sun, not much wind and therefore lots and lots of sweat. Some observations. The first is that it is green here! After […]

In bed 3

I’ve literally spent all day in bed. I really wanted to get going today, but when I opened my eyes, I was dizzy. Best to just stay low. The staff of this guesthouse have been very nice and brought a warm and soothing drink this morning, and some fruit in […]