Monthly Archives: June 2010

Down and out 4

Got a tummy stummy bug, so have been lying low trying to get better. Next on the agenda is finishing off Beijing Municipiality which is harder than one might think. The Great Wall follows mountains more or less the whole way. The weather forecast now says some days will be […]

Dance troop group from Guam

I started after noon today, and took a dinner at Mutianyu before walking. After a very short time I met a happy bunch of young people from Guam. An island in the Pacific. They are in China to promote tourism to Guam but had taken the day off to see […]

Mutianyu Great Wall 2

Tuesday 22nd of June —- Not a drop of rain fell last night, but I was still happy having spent it with my friendly hosts. We ate breakfast together, and I was off at around 7.30. Today was special in two ways. It was the first time I walked a […]

A lovely warm shower 1

Monday the 21st of June —– I’ve just had a fantastic shower… There is a very inquisitive guy sitting less than a metre from me on a bed now. He is speaking loudly asking questions that I don’t understand.  Doesn’t help much that he is slightly drunk. I have explained […]

Drying off

Sunday the 20th of June After yesterday’s drench, I decided to dry things this morning. The sun was out luckily. My boots were soaking wet on the inside.. The inside soles are of the spongy type, and I squeezed as much water out of them as I could, before putting […]

There and back again…

19th of June —– Or “Bomtur” as we say in Norway. I took a bus from Huairou 8.30 that took me back to The Wall. After a meal, I followed a road to get to a small path that, according to my map, went parallel to The Wall on the […]

Weather for Beijing Great Wall 1

Two days ago, I returned to Huairou ready to continue walking the Great Wall after having sorted out my visa in Beijing. In the evening however, a mighty thunderstorm started that lasted for more than 24 hours. I have experienced many thunderstorms, but never one that lasted as long and […]

Down to safety 2

I forgot to write, but yesterday evening I had only two hundred grams of peanuts and a litre of Ice Tea left. That was it. I needed to get down from the mountain and hoped there would be a path as I had seen some stones from old settlements close […]