Finished with Beijing Municipiality 5

The goal of the day was to get to the border of eastern Hebei. Not too warm today either. Don’t misunderstand. It was hot and I was sweating constantly while I was walking, but after temperatures close to 40C, around 30C feels very manageable in comparison.

It is a slight exaggeration to say I am finished with Beijing Municipiality as the Great Wall continues south from today’s end point before it heads eastward towards Shanhaiguan. I will have to check the map carefully to see where I can follow the Great Wall, and where it will be too steep and dangerous.

The Great Wall crosses the end point of the day. It was another misty and grey day, so I didn’t get a very good view of it. I hope to take pictures and investigate the area more thoroughly when I go back there. As I am close to finishing the Beijing Municipiality, I will move my base camp equipment to a town in eastern Hebei. This will probably be the last base camp site before I reach Shanhaiguan. A strange feeling.

24 kilometres today

5 thoughts on “Finished with Beijing Municipiality

  • gina

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words…. I hadn’t appreciated just how dense the bushes and undergrowth are around and right up to The Wall, until I saw the latest photo in your gallery.

    Take care. Your determination and strength are awesome :o)

  • Roxanne

    I believe that strange feeling you have is termed “Bitter-Sweet” 🙂 Happy to have finally made it this far, but sad because there is more now an end in sight than ever before. You have become part of the Great Wall and it part of you. Magnificent going you lucky man:)

  • Hulda

    I just found your diary here on the internet, you are norvegian right? I am too. Så da kan jeg jo egentlig skrive på norsk! Jeg og fire venninner av meg bor på et hotell i Beijing denne uken, og i dag var vi på den kinesiske mur. Jeg har drømt om det i flere år, men den aller største drømmen er å gå hele den kinesiske mur. Så å vite at en nordmann har klart dette er det svært inspirerende! Har du planer om å gi ut bok om turen? Hadde vært svært interesant å lese i en helhet. (Mailen min har et litt useriøst navn)
    Du må virkelig være stolt av deg selv! 🙂

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