Hot day

Woke up to a clear blue sky. The whole day has been very very hot, and it still is now late in the evening. Have been sweating a lot, and drank too little. I thought there were some small shops along my route, but that turned out to be wrong. I could probably have got some boiling water which every Chinese household has, but it was not tempting in the heat.

Hi - do you have some cold Ice Tea?

Hi - do you have some cold Ice Tea?

Basically I feel like I am operating right at the border of what I can manage now. Tomorrow is supposed to be about as hot as today. Will have to set off earlier.

Saw a snake today about 4 feet long. It was coloured beautifully green, but the ten centimetres closest to it’s mouth was red, as if to say: Do not touch this end….

17 kilometres today