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I have had yet another stomach bug, and have been in Beijing longer than planned. Have also had an interview with a Beijing newspaper. While lying in bed, I have uploaded some videos to YouTube, and linked to them from the map.

If you go to the Great Wall Route, and look for icons like the one to the rightvideo, you will find four videos that have recently been uploaded. The icons are placed as accurately as possible on the map to show where the video was recorded. I hope this will give you another dimension into what it is like walking the Great Wall here in China!

If you want to see a few more videos from this winter, then you can check out my YouTube Channel to see them.

I’m afraid the videos on YouTube are not available in China, but I hope to upload them to the Chinese sites fairly soon. I have also recorded some videos with Chinese speech for this purpose. Just hope the Chinese will understand what I am saying…

Reponse to the latest comments

Kim – Thanks – I’ll send you a mail. Looking very much forward to meeting you!
Bryan – I don’t expect to go to Tianjin.
Gina – Thanks Gina – have a look at the videos, and you will see how dense the bushes are.
Roxanne – Yes – “Bitter-sweet” is probably the closest expression. And I suspect it will only get worse the closer to the end I get.
Hulda – Takk for hyggelig melding! Håper dere koste dere på muren idag! Jeg planlegger å skrive bok når jeg kommer tilbake til Norge om turen. Ønsker å formidle mye av turen gjennom bildene jeg har tatt. Fortsatt god tur!    🙂

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