Article in Beijing Today, and my big toe joint 4

Last week there was an article about the walk in a newspaper called Beijing Today that you can read here.

Sorry for not writing sooner, but at this stage, there isn’t that much ‘news’. Thank you all very much for the nice words of encouragement that I  have received lately. Much appreciated.

The last week the swelling in the foot has gone down. The flexibility of my big toe has improved a little every day, but moving it upwards causes a lot of pain in the big toe joint. I have spent time reading up on march fractures, stress fractures and learnt a lot about the bones that make up our feet. I have also spoken to a couple of doctor friends about it – thanks Andrew and Brynjar!

The bottom line is that it may be a fracture, or it may not. Fractures like this can be difficult to diagnose. I plan to go to Beijing tomorrow and have it checked with x-ray and/or MR. Up until now I have been in Zunhua giving the foot plenty of rest which is what it needs in either case. I’m hoping it is a soft tissue issue.

I remain pretty relaxed about the situation although it is the last thing I wanted. There is no need to use a lot of energy worrying about something I have no control over. I’ll let others do that… Time will tell, and the show must go on!

Will write more when I know more. Until then, there will be a new picture each day!

4 thoughts on “Article in Beijing Today, and my big toe joint

  • Robert

    That would be nice Kim. I wish you a good trip in the weekend. Soon, I hope to move base camp to your neighbourhood, but need to do some more walking first.

  • Leif Lindh

    Tråkigt, men du kanske behöver lite vila i alla fall, muren står nog kvar ett tag till 🙂 Det verkar som du får visa nu utan större problem, hoppas jag..

  • Trude S

    Takk for praten! Jeg glemte å si at Olivia tenker mye på deg, selv om hun ikke er så verbal av seg:-) Jeg skulle sende en logrende hilsen! Hun liker ikke bade.. stormet ut i vannet, stoppet og drakk av det isteden, med vann til knærne!?:-) Mitt motto: aldri få den holdningen at: “nei jeg vil ikke bade, jeg er for gammel til det nå” – så der var det bare å kaste seg uti, med Olivia observerende i vannkanten he he:-)

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