Grounded 13

Sorry for not writing sooner. I have been to the doctors office the last three days, and saw little point in writing anything until it was more conclusive.

On Monday I went to a clinic in Beijing and had my foot examined. The doctor recommended an x-ray. The results came in the same day. They were inconclusive and therefore I went for an MRI scan on Tuesday. I went back again yesterday to get the results. Doctor Sarah – whom I have been seeing – brought along doctor Alannah who is an expert on feet. Thanks to both of you for all the help and advice you have provided!

The bad news:

  • Left 1st phalange is fractured and bruised
  • The big toe joint has effusions
  • The area has soft tissue damage

The good news:

Alannah asked me to bring along the shoes I have been walking in, and examined them and my feet carefully. She said that my biomechanics are good. That means my walking style is not putting bad or incorrect pressure on my feet which leads to more injuries.

I was hoping there was no serious injury. After seeing no substantial recovery the last two weeks however I was half expecting this. It is hard to say exactly how long the recovery time for an injury like this is. Normally it should take approximately another 4 weeks.

This is bad news for my progress of course. The truth is that I want to see this walk through. This is an old dream, and one I have been living for a long time. So I will wait the time it takes, and then continue walking the Great Wall.

13 thoughts on “Grounded

  • Per Arne

    “When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

    Enjoy your time recuperating and good luck reaching your goal.

  • Jarle

    Hei igjen Robert.

    Synd at du har skaded deg. Du får slappe av og lese en bok eller 3. Fint at du ikke gir opp så lett. Sender noen støttende tanker herfra. Hvem vet kanskje det hjelper. 🙂

    Lykke til videre!

  • Patrick Un

    Hei Robert
    Take care and recover well from your injury. With the best and sincere wishes, that’s momentarily what I can do due to our distance apart, I appreciate your courage and wish you can fulfill your dream after recovery.
    In fact I had tendonitis in my left foot and ankle joint too in July due to a sprain I got while running to catch a train. It became very bad and all I can do is to wait it out after having received medical attendance by the doctor. I was worried about whether I could start walking the Alps beginning of August. Fortunately, it did recover surprisingly quick so that by the 3rd August, I could indeed embark on the hiking tour that me and my friend had planned earlier this year. I do hope wholeheartedly that you’ll experience such quick recovery!


  • Roxanne

    Robert, looks like now you can have some time to rest and recoup and give your body the time it needs to build back up. I love you strength and attitude. Take some time for you and do something fun that you want to do or see and in the end you will realize you probably needed this time off. Keep us out here posted on your recovery we are all wishing you well.

  • Bjarte

    As the old chinese proverb says: If you brake one toe – use the other nine.

    and: Don`t let the shadows in your way hit you in the face!

    Walk on!

  • Kim

    Must be nice to finally know what the problem is, and nice to see that you don’t let the injury stop for from reaching your year long dream.

    Still hope to see you somewhere in Hebei 🙂

  • GaryandJenny

    Hi Robert, sorry to hear about your injury, i hope you have a speedy recovery and complete your goal! You’ve had an amazing journey so far, just hang in there, not long left!

  • Svein Erling

    Well, Robert, Johann Hurlinger ( made an impressive “walk” 110 years ago, when he walked on his hans from Paris to Vienna, and his 25.4 km per day was not too different from your normal speed. Your Chinese Wall walk would be even more impressive if you could do something similar until your toe heals (although I’ve no idea how to carry a rucksack while walking on your hands). At least you would get a completely different perspective on the wall!

    Though, quite frankly, four weeks more rest/vacation sounds sensible, I don’t think you have an all too tight schedule the coming year?

    Take (better) care.

  • Bruce

    Hi Robert,

    I have been following your walk since first reading about it in the China Daily three months ago. I am sorry to hear about the unfortunate broken toe. I am impressed and inspired by your handling of it. I wish you a speedy and complete recovery.


  • Erling

    Hei Robert!

    Håper det går bedre med deg og at du får hvilt hele kroppen. Gjør ting som gir deg ny energi, slik at avslutningen på turen blir bra 🙂

  • Kristin

    God bedring og god tur videre når du er klar! Morsomt å “følge” deg på veien. Nesten like morsomt som å ha deg med på timene mine en gang i tida 😀 Du er en stayer og en fighter, så jeg gleder meg bare til å kunne gratulere med fullført tur etterhvert!

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