Monthly Archives: September 2010

Tired 1

I’m sitting by the Great Wall now, looking to the South from a fairly high vantage point, I can see the tops of a lot of smaller hills in the distance. The corn on the cob is ready to be harvested and the long leaves on the plants are dry. […]

A few firsts today

A few firsts today. For the first time ever I saw red peppers growing in a field. Naa har jeg vaert der pepper’n gror! Norwegian expression. A week ago, I was offered lots of chestnuts while walking. Today I saw farmers digging their peanut harvest out of the ground. I […]

Short day 1

I spent yesterday making and uploading pictures for the next stretch, and didn’t go to bed until 5am. As I have decided to walk shorter distances the next few days, I waited until the afternoon before setting off. Some crucial Autumn months are coming now where I need to get […]

Test walk

I returned from Beijing to base camp in Zunhua on Saturday. The bus ride was surprisingly fast and comfortable. No queues, no smoking inside the bus – all went to plan. I hope that is a good sign for the rest of my walk. On Sunday I walked 15 kilometres […]

Heading back to the Great Wall 6

My agonisingly slow 6 week wait is hopefully coming to an end. I want to return to walking the Great Wall. The mending process was so slow the first four weeks, that I thought it might be something more serious than ‘just’ a fracture. Luckily, the foot has recovered a […]

New videos added 2

I have added 8 new videos from January this year when I was walking close to the Yellow River. You can see the videos here on the Great Wall Route page. The videos are located to the left of the current map view. Zoom out by clicking on the minus […]