A lot more snow 1

Woke up to about 7 cm’s (2-3 inches) of dry snow this morning. That was a surprise as there was no mention of it on the weather forecast just two days ago. It was a little disheartening to think I would have to drag my feet through snow all day long. I have brought my big boots on this last stretch, and put them on in the morning. I also used the good old plastic bag in the boot trick as the Gore-Tex fabric of my boots is not doing much good now. They are well beyond their “Use before” date, and will not be following me back to Norway.

Luckily, I saw a snow ploughing-car not long after I started walking. People were out early, and I walked past a long line of decorated cars getting ready for a wedding, by the looks of it. It was very cold, but bright and clean due to the newly fallen snow. For the first time since last winter, I used the down jacket (well – it’s a vest) all day long to stay warm. Tomorrow, I will wear two woollen tops to be warmer as it is supposed to get even colder then.

As Sue has picked up already, the Norwegian embassy in China has kindly written an article about the walk. You can read it in English or Chinese.

I made a mistake when entering the end point of today’s walk. The longitude is correct, but the latitude is the same as two days ago. My fault. Hopefully it will show up correctly tomorrow.

38 kilometres today
About 68 kilometres to Hushan Great Wall close to Dandong

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  • Bryan

    Another great article. Congratulations.

    It’s true that you once almost lost consciousness, but I don’t think you almost lost your conscience. 🙂

    You are so close to Dandong now. I bet it’s just an incredible feeling.

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