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After the news brief sent by the Norwegian Embassy recently, things are suddenly picking up on the media side. Today I have been contacted by Chinese TV, radio and newspapers that want to do interviews. In addition, there will be a second interview with China Daily. I have also been invited to CCTV4 studio next time I come to China, and look very much forward to that! Thanks to Sue in Denmark and Vivian in Dandong for helping me trying to get the most out of the last days here 🙂

In addition to media, I want to make sure I have some time alone to reflect a little over what I’ve been doing the last year and a half. After kayaking the entire length of Norway, I spent one night in a tent at the destination (Nordkapp plataaet). It made me settle down, and realize that the trip was over. It feels good not to rush on straight away. So I might pay Hushan a second visit once all the reporters have gone home to edit their stories, so that I have time to ‘edit’ the end of mine.

A cold day again today. But it did not snow, and it was slightly warmer than yesterday.

The definite highlight of the day was entering a small restaurant where all the tables were taken with people playing Majang. The owner of the place was very welcoming and had the most fantastic laugh I have heard for a very long time. And she laughed a lot! Made my day.

Her daughter spoke a little English so as we sat down in a separate room to eat, while the guests played their games, we had a talk. She was 48, but with her constant smile and laughter I would have taken her to be ten years younger. Her daughter was 21 years old. We sat on a kang so it was nice and warm.

As I was about to leave, I asked her how come she laughed so much? She answered that she had a good life and didn’t have any great pressures. Good for her! 🙂

I was expecting to walk further than I did today. The walking conditions were OK. I took a lot of pictures of the snow-covered landscape. Under my feet the snow crunched (knirket pga kulden) with every step.

Instead of two very long walking days, I have settled for three slightly shorter ones to get to my final destination. That way I will get to the Hushan Great Wall early so that the interviews can be done without having to hurry.

34 kilometres today
About 32 kilometres in a straight line to Hushan Great Wall close to Dandong.

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  • Roxanne

    Congratulations Robert,

    I am sure as I am posting this, you are at your final destination, I hope you received my e-mail and will take that final picture.

    Wow, what a great accomplishment, you must be feeling exhaustedly great about now 🙂


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