The final countdown 1

By the looks of the walk the last days, you may think I have been celebrating the end of the walk too early. The reason for the criss-crossing is that at this point little is know about the Great Wall in the area. Because of this I am following a ‘best guess’ of where it once went. For every new find that is done, our understanding of the more exact route will increase. Because my visa runs out on the 5th of December, I need to keep a steady pace, and am therefore following roads at this point.

Today I walked almost directly eastwards, gaining only a couple of kilometres on the goal of the Hushan Great Wall close to Dandong. With that leg of the journey done, all is set for the final countdown to the Hushan Great Wall by North-Korea. Thanks to Vivian in Dandong for giving me the telephone number of the director of the wall at Hushan. If I get flagged down by police or military these last few days, it feels good to have a phone number to someone who is expecting me.

It was a cold day today, and the route took me through a high mountain pass. Beautiful, but pretty hard walking, and cold.

Can’t believe how tired I am in the evenings. Will send this off, and then go to bed.

A very very big thanks to Yang Li Li and Liu Wei at the one and only Bin Guan at Shanzuizi. Thanks so much for making this a very pleasant stay! It was fun autographing the wall in your stairs and the thirty photographs we took yesterday    🙂

42 kilometres today
About 114 kilometres to Dandong as the crow flies.

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  • Anne-Brit Mydske

    Velkommen hjem! Imponert over dine lange dagsetapper og flotte bilder! Hold deg lang fra grensen til NK!

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