The Korean Peninsula 3

First – A big thanks to YOU! The reader of this blog.

When friends that I could communicate properly with have been few and far between here in China, this blog has been my refuge and at times vent. It has been nice to know that so many people have taken part in this journey (from the comfort of a warm and dry place most probably!)  Thank you all for encouraging messages and e-mails. They have kept me going!

Thanks also to my brother for helping with sewing parts of the techy stuff together here, and also for giving me a kind brotherly reminder from time to time that I have to make more pictures for the picture gallery! Also to my mother for looking through every sentence I have written, and corectimg speling mitakes! (That will be corrected in no time at all!) (WRONG – I’m going to leave it just as it is !!!!  People have to read your words, not mine.  Love mamma)

Most of the world probably woke up to the news that North Korea bombarded a South Korean island yesterday. A tragedy, within a larger tragedy of a split nation. I am currently only 116 km’s from North-Korea – far closer than Seoul on the other side. Being on the Chinese side makes me feel a lot safer. During the last couple of days walking, I have observed more green vehicles in the area, which is only natural. As I get closer to the border, chances are pretty high that I will get the question ‘what (on earth) are you doing’. In addition to my official papers describing the walk, I will get in touch with the leader of the Hushan Great Wall on the border to North-Korea so that a quick phone call to him should sort out things if I get stopped.

I am hoping, with the rest of the world, that the situation does not spiral out of control.

Today’s walk was hard. From noon there was a lot of snow, and the wind picked up quite a bit. Am very happy with today’s effort despite the weather. Really really tired now. Walking such long distances most days zaps my head in addition to the body. Good night.

31 kilometres today
About 116 kilometres to Dandong as the crow flies.

3 thoughts on “The Korean Peninsula

  • Roxanne


    Ironic the last month of your walk will be probably your most memorable, from saving a life, to finding pieces of the wall, to yesterdays tragic event. You stay safe, warm and on to the finish line 🙂


  • Gina and Gerry

    FANTASTIC news about your find. What luck that you were in the shop at just the right time. By the way, what is it that they say about a kind deed never going unrewarded:0)

    Take care and keep safexx

    ps can we add our thanks to all the people who have enabled us to follow and share in your incredible journey.

  • Christian Mogensen

    The North Koreans were just preparing a huge firework display to welcome you Robert, and it all went terribly wrong.

    Joking aside – it’s a bit worrying. Try not to look American when approaching NK.

    Much prefer reading about you finding and saving an old woman from freezing to death. Blessed be.

    Here in Oslo you can walk up and down Karl Johan in the same freezing conditions as on the Wanli Changcheng. An arctic winter has come early to Scandinavia.

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