Tough day 1

Woke up to a really cold day. At the start of the day I wore everything I have with me but the Gore-Tex coat, and had to walk ‘full throttle’ just to get some heat in my body. There was a really cold wind, and it wasn’t blowing that hard at all.

I had some food at noon, and as I sat inside, I saw it had started to snow. Big fluffy white flakes. And there were a lot of them. When I left the eating place I put on all the clothes I have with me for this stretch of the walk. Upper body – two layers of wool, ‘dessert’ shirt, windproof jacket, Gore-Tex jacket and then the down vest. Head – woollen hat, ear warmers and the Gore-Tex coat hood, Lower body – short woollen underpants, woollen long johns, heavy duty trousers and Gore-Tex trousers. My knees have been hurting lately, so I used the jogging shoes today. A pair of thick fluffy woollen socks, and then two layers of ‘take away’ plastic bags did the trick on each foot. (These plastic bags are very thin) Since it was so cold, the snow that landed on the jogging shoes didn’t melt, but just froze.

I was quite disheartened again because of the bad weather, and had to call it a walking day at the 29 km mark. At that time about 7-8 cm’s (3 inches) of snow that had fallen in 3-4 hours. I was hoping for a 40+ km day so that I could have made it to the Hushan Great Wall within the day after tomorrow. That is not likely to happen now.

Really hoping for a good walking day tomorrow so that I can get a lot closer to the Hushan Great Wall, and the river that separates North-Korea and China.

29 kilometres today
About 55 kilometres to Hushan Great Wall close to Dandong

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  • Torsten

    Heia Robert,
    Dette er nesten som en finale i OL / Champions league / og VM i Rugby på samme tid! Ulidelig spennende mot slutten, og takk for fine beskrivelser av dine ensomme dager hele veien. Du har jammen fortjent en royal velkomst til Gardermoen når desember måned når sin 5. dag. Vi ønsker deg en fin avslutning på eventyret, og velkommen tilbake til gamlelandet.

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