Back home in Oslo 1

I’ve been back in Oslo for two weeks already. It is starting to sink in that I am not walking the Great Wall of China anymore. It is definitely going to take some time to get used to life here, as is the transition from solitude to a social life. I’ll write more about that later.

When I was walking the Great Wall, starting the day was simple. Eat and drink in the tent. Pack everything, check I haven’t forgotten anything, and start walking.

Yesterday I borrowed my parents car to go to the dentist. Everything I did felt new to me. Find the keys to the house, find the keys to the car. I went out and realized I had forgotten the keys to the garage. Then I remembered I needed coins for the parking meter in town. As I sat in the car, I remembered I should get my drivers licence from the pouch I have been carrying along the entire Great Wall. Oh yes – and don’t forget to turn on the alarm. Sometimes life is simpler in a tent…

I have been dormant for a little while now, but want to let you know that I intend to keep on writing here. There are more pictures, videos and stories from the Great Wall to come.

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