Back home! 3

After a flight via London, I arrived in Oslo late last night. A bunch of friends, family and girlfriend turned up at the airport which was very nice. Felt so strange, but really really good to be back home in one piece. Another bunch of friends and colleagues were waiting at my parent’s house and despite the late hours, we had a really good few hours together. It was great to see you all again   🙂

Also thanks for the gifts that included enough socks to get me through 2011, foot massages, SPA stay with my girlfriend, Norwegian food that is impossible to get hold of in China, tickets to the Christmas concert of Bjørn Eidsvåg – an artist I listened lots to along the Great Wall and a calendar for 2011. Many thanks!!!

Am sitting here at my parent’s house after a good and long nights sleep. I’m eating some sandwiches that my mother made, noticing how she has cleverly planted a thick layer of butter between the bread and ‘pålegg’. Haha – I’ll fatten up again in no time.

Here are some pictures that were taken yesterday – thanks a lot for taking and sending them Margrete!

The gang…

First hug with my girlfriend since early May… No – I’m not crying…

Finally home!!

Notice – dirty trousers, and my ‘resting shoes’. The other shoes were left behind in China as they had served their purpose.

Back home at my parent’s house celebrating! Had slept 2-3 hours the last 24, but it was so much fun!!

3 thoughts on “Back home!

  • Dave & Barbara

    Lovely to see you safely back with Trude, family and friends. The excitement must have been high at your party.
    When you woke up this morning we wondered if you expected to still be in your tent and having rice for breakfast?
    Will you be updating your site each day to tell us your feelings of how you are settling back down into a different daily routine?
    With love xx

  • gongming

    Congratulations! I have been following your website for the last 16 months or so. Thanks for all the writing, thanks for all the walking, and hope you catch up some rest. I look forward to a book or something written by you someday.

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