About Me

Try and fail, but don’t fail to try.
Stephen Kaggwa

My name is Robert Loken. I am Norwegian and live in Oslo. I have lived in English speaking countries for 11 years. I studied one year in Boston, MA as an exchange student, and that is when I discovered the joys of photography.

Since 1994 I have worked as an IT-Consultant in the Financial and Banking industry, but have taken leave without pay several times to follow my dreams. In 2006 I completed a photography education in Oslo.

When I kayaked the entire length of Norway solo in 2005, I updated a website every day. The readers really appreciated following the adventure from home. This time the website is in English, so please tune in here in March, and you can follow my progress!

I hope you will enjoy following my adventure along the Great Wall of China, and perhaps this site can be an encouragement for you to follow your dreams!

All the best,