A poem 4

About to start on the trip back home now: Dandong -> Shenyang -> Beijing -> arriving in Oslo December 5th at 18.25. Strange how the trip home is now planned down to the last minute, yet has been postponed time and time again over the last year and a half, […]

Mission accomplished!!! 51

A quick note to say I’ve made it. Standing on the last watchtower of the Hushan Great Wall now with only a hundred metres spare to North-Korea. Very mixed emotions, but an enormous sense of relief for reaching a more than 21 year old dream 600 days after I set […]

Arrive at Hushan Great Wall tomorrow 7

Today was a half day, and I’m grateful for that. My many marathon stretches through Liaoning Province seem to be catching up with me. Hard to get up in the mornings, and I almost fall asleep at the dinner table in the evenings. Today was very good walking-wise. Not so […]

Chinese media 1

After the news brief sent by the Norwegian Embassy recently, things are suddenly picking up on the media side. Today I have been contacted by Chinese TV, radio and newspapers that want to do interviews. In addition, there will be a second interview with China Daily. I have also been […]

Tough day 1

Woke up to a really cold day. At the start of the day I wore everything I have with me but the Gore-Tex coat, and had to walk ‘full throttle’ just to get some heat in my body. There was a really cold wind, and it wasn’t blowing that hard […]

A lot more snow 1

Woke up to about 7 cm’s (2-3 inches) of dry snow this morning. That was a surprise as there was no mention of it on the weather forecast just two days ago. It was a little disheartening to think I would have to drag my feet through snow all day […]

First sign of Dandong! 6

Today was a media day. No interviews, but just trying to get things in order for when the trip is finished. As a result, I didn’t get to walk that far. Highlight of the day was to see the first sign for Dandong!! Not sure if they are called districts […]

The final countdown 1

By the looks of the walk the last days, you may think I have been celebrating the end of the walk too early. The reason for the criss-crossing is that at this point little is know about the Great Wall in the area. Because of this I am following a […]

The Korean Peninsula 3

First – A big thanks to YOU! The reader of this blog. When friends that I could communicate properly with have been few and far between here in China, this blog has been my refuge and at times vent. It has been nice to know that so many people have […]

Great Wall find!! 3

First – a big thanks to my two weather reporters! Bjoern Sindre and John. When I am not able to get a good weather report, I send a text message to them asking for the latest news. As you can imagine – this is pretty important so that I can […]