Walking the Great Wall

This page is written for those among the readers that have a dream about walking the Great Wall. It is a working document and passages will be added, changed or even deleted while I am walking the Great Wall. My hope is that it can give some useful information to those planning to do a long walk along the Great Wall.

Why walk the Great Wall?

My motivation for walking the entire Great Wall came from an experience I had while walking along Hadrian’s Wall in Northern England in 1987. This sparked a dream, and after 21 years I decided that I either had to walk the Great Wall, or just forget about the whole dream.

While walking the Great Wall, every day has only one certainty: I will get closer to the end point. I don’t know who I will meet, what challenges lie ahead, what landscape I will see for the first time ever and where I will set up the tent for the night. By walking the Great Wall I feel privileged knowing that I am learning about the Chinese culture. Not by reading a book, and not by living in a large town, but by moving along the most important national symbol of China for a whole year.

I take a lot of pictures along the Great Wall, get to spend lots of time outside, build up my body physically, and share my experiences on this website. All things I love to do.