Happy Chinese New Year – Year of the Rabbit! 2

I wish you all a very happy Rabbit New Year. According to tradition, one should make it a goal to create a safe, peaceful lifestyle, so you will be able to calmly deal with any problem that may arise. That sounds perfect to me now that the walk along the […]

Up and running and Radio interview on Nitimen

After having sorted out a lot of practical matters, I now have a very nice place to live (Many thanks Øystein!) and a monster computer that I will be using for writing the book and creating a presentation about the walk. Can’t wait to get started. As I re-discover pictures […]

Donations to cancer research

I have done this walk to raise money for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Because of technical difficulties, we have not been able to invite you to make a donation before now. If you have enjoyed following me on my lonesome walk along the entire Great Wall of China, please help […]

New year, new book 3

Now that the dust has settled after the New Year celebrations and people are going back to work, I am also getting ready for the next and probably final chapter of my adventure. In the coming weeks and months, I will be writing a book and creating a presentation about […]

Merry Christmas 4

Since I got back from China I have noticed two things. Time flies, and I have had to use some time to get acquainted with life in Norway. A week ago, I visited some good friends to the south of Oslo, and we spent an afternoon on a typical Norwegian […]

Back home in Oslo 1

I’ve been back in Oslo for two weeks already. It is starting to sink in that I am not walking the Great Wall of China anymore. It is definitely going to take some time to get used to life here, as is the transition from solitude to a social life. […]

Another big thanks

Walking the Great Wall of China would have been near to impossible if it had not been for all the help I received along the way from Chinese people. I know that in years to come when I look back on the experience, it will be the kind and helpful […]

Back home! 3

After a flight via London, I arrived in Oslo late last night. A bunch of friends, family and girlfriend turned up at the airport which was very nice. Felt so strange, but really really good to be back home in one piece. Another bunch of friends and colleagues were waiting […]

Flight cancelled 2

China just doesn’t want me to leave… The staff at Finnair have been inspired by their Spanish counterparts and are on strike. My flight is cancelled, and I will be flying BA via London instead. Now arriving 20.10 at Gardermoen so the get together will be postponed by an hour. […]

Reaching North-Korea 4

Yesterday, I reached North-Korea 600 days after I took the first steps in the Gobi Desert. The last couple of kilometres I was followed by a TV crew and two photographers. It was, at times, a little hard taking in what was going on as they were taking pictures, asking […]